ActivKitty™ Cat Donut Tunnel

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No cat can resist this tunnel bed!

🐾 A private hideaway your cat has been longing for 🐈 For small & large cats.

🐾 Sleep: safe, secure & relaxation spots.

🐾 Hide: hide in the tunnel & peek from the hole.

🐾 Play: happy zoomies in the tunnel.

🐾 Reduce the cat's boredom.

🐾 Finally something that is actually gorgeous.


🐾Donut Design

The circle design was intended to suit the wants and wishes of cats that like to play by drilling holes. It may provide cats with hours of entertainment.

🐾 Multi-Functional

Our creative dual-purpose design won two awards for design. This cat cave may also be used as a playground for one or more cats to play hide and seek on a large, circular hiding track. Your kittens can also sleep in a cosy, enclosed bed that is comfy and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

🐾 High Quality Materials

Felt material is comfortable, the surface is soft and firm, the comfortable and safe bed is made of high-quality outer felt and inner short-haired PV fleece. The ultra-soft inner lining reduces pet anxiety and creates a sense of security and warmth.

🐾 Easy-To-Clean

Cats may play in a clean and pleasant environment thanks to the zipper separation design, which makes it possible to clean every nook and cranny inside the tunnel. We can manage the cats more simply because to the straightforward assembling process.