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Traveling puts you at risk for more than lost luggage. Our privacy is invaded more often than we think and hiding a camera is too easy to do these days. But, Point - Hidden Camera and Tracker Detector puts you in charge of your security.


An all-in-one travel tool, our detector also doubles as a burglar alarm and even has a built-in compass. This discreet, handheld device pinpoints eavesdropping devices, bugs, and hidden cameras. The perfect gift for anyone on the go, our detector can be used in hotel rooms, rental cars, fitting rooms, and other public places.


  • 3 Way Detection - The infrared red scanning discovers concealed wired and wireless cameras wherever they hide. And, RF scanning and magnetic field detection easily uncover GPS trackers, SIM card bugs, and eavesdropping devices.
  • Burglar Alarm - Safeguard your luggage with the built-in burglar alarm. Simply turn it on and hang it on your luggage. If anyone tries to disturb your luggage, an alarm will sound.
  • Anti-Spy & Anti-Tracking - Cameras can be hidden in walls, phones, and everyday objects. And, GPS locators can be tracking you without your knowledge but our detector gives your 100% protection from both.


Small But Sensitive

The compact size makes Point easy to carry. Plus, it has a wide scanning range of 15 meters and the sensitivity to pick up a variety of hidden devices.

All-In-One Security Device

More than just a spy detector, our device is everything you need to feel safe. Also with a built-in flashlight, compass, and thief alarm, our detector is a must-have.